26 June 2009

School Holiday

It about 100m from Brunei museum, here is different...we can take photo and FOC
so my dear friends please come to Brunei....
This show how the Lintau was build, it was use to catch fish

Memburis perahu (to build boat)



School Holiday

This was look like in Kampong Air in the year 40

Early 50,
simple life

kid playing kite as there was no PSP or PS2


25 June 2009

School Holiday

First established in 1965, the Brunei Museum occupied its present sie since 1970. Officially opened in 1972.

This Museum becomes the vital centre for displaying the archaeology, ethnology and natural history of Brunei and Islamic art.

Located at Kota Batu about 5 KM from the capital, the Museum is reachable by public transport. Widely known as one of the region's most beautiful structures.

22 June 2009

The Only One

Water Taxi

Water Taxi

Transporting People


One Day Never Forget

KL with Dina

My Show