23 October 2007

My Home

For me photographer is a hobby, it not like other hobby...
when I took a picture I wanted it can be feel by who ever looking to my picture..
that always happen to me when I look to somebody picture...
picture tells thousand story.....
it is not that easy to creat a story from the photo
what do you think my dear firends?

1st Day Raya


must take photo

sister...growing together .....share raya with lot of memories

colourful raya...with cake roll,

this is just starting to create a nice cake roll for all guess

'ohana' family must stay together

my uncle .... org lama

20 October 2007

1st Day Raya

look at the camera...after 1...2...3...than eat your raya

after having heavy breakfast .....
just relax .... and enjoy the T.V show

smiles your in my blog

The 1st day always with family, it is the time we meet family from different side. celebrations in full swing at each open house.

KL with Dina

My Show