14 September 2008


Goldi Sands Hotel


This boat they called it Sinhala....I don't no if I get the right name but that what they have told me.....
It just common ......I like it to share to all.....

In front of our hotel.....

I wish we have longer time so that we can swim and enjoy the beach


I never have a dream to visit Colombo, but yes this year when going to Umrah we have opportunity to visited this country. we arrived at the airport but i forget the name. Negomba is a town where we stay for over 12 hours.

We stay at the Goldi Sands Hotel, near the beach and so nice for relaxing. I did not take so many picture due to time and we are not allowed to go around the town for sefty reasons...I think every body knew about it not like me.....until I was in the country than I know what is Colombo all about.

KL with Dina

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